Implementation Process for PubWorks

Our Implementation Process is one of the many great things about PubWorks.  Our implementation process of the entire PubWorks software package will be up and running within weeks – not months.  As a  PubWorks customer you can be up and operating your powerful software package within 4 – 6 weeks.  If you need a system in the very near future, count on PubWorks to deliver your complete customized system ASAP!

PubWorks Implementation Process

public works software implementation

Step 1. Project Kick-Off

The kick-off meeting is held to introduce you to key personnel to go through the installation process. This meeting is the official handoff from the sales team out our implementation staff. The kick-off meeting is hosted online where the head of Public Works, IT, GIS and the lead person involved with purchasing meet with us to outline and flush out a timeline for success.

Step 2. Pre-Install Analysis

You will work with our training and installation expert to assess where PubWorks will live on your hardware and how your users will access it.

Step 3. You Send PubWorks Data To Be Converted

You will collect and upload your existing legacy data for us to convert. This data can come in many shapes and forms. From .CSV or text exports of lists, to copies of your existing legacy databases. Details of what is being asked for will be covered during the kick-off meeting.

Step 4. PubWorks Data Conversion

We will compile and converts the data from the previous step and convert it into records within the new PubWorks system. This allows for you to have your data already in the system for onsite training.

Step 5. Data Conversion Review

Prior to coming onsite, PubWorks will set up a meeting to review the data conversion. This review helps ensure the accuracy quality of the conversion prior to the first day of training.

Step 6. Installation & Set-Up

Our expert works with your IT staff to get PubWorks installed on all the appropriate systems. Then the testing takes place to make sure when the employee training takes place we will leave you with a working PubWorks system.

Step 7. Training

The PubWorks expert training staff will support you and your staff as you get up an running. These customized training sessions allow you to build a good understanding of PubWorks with a flexible schedule so that you can get the most from your new solutions.

Step 8. Support

After training has concluded you are not left out in the cold. Our Support staff are available Monday thru Friday from 6:00 am-5:00 pm (Mountain) and are just a phone call or email away: 888.920.0380 x2

“Working with PubWorks during the design and implementation stages of the PubWorks project has been great. They have an extremely qualified team of professionals who not only understand the details of precinct operations, but also how to support the software they sell.”

Joey Trungale, IT Administrator, DeWitt County, TX

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