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What is PubWorks? Software for Public Works.

PubWorks is software for Public Works.  It’s an easy-to-use, GIS-integrated Asset Management software package. Work Orders, Service Requests, Fleet Maintenance and Job Costing are seamlessly integrated to form a Public Works software solution that is unmatched for value and utility.

Asset Management

Asset Managment

Asset management is the cornerstone of PubWorks. Here you will find everything you need to track data on Job Costing, work performed, and the equipment, materials and manpower used.

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Service Requests

Service Requests

Reduce requests falling through the cracks with improved responsiveness and a systematic approach. Track requested service from creation, through to the work order and on to completion.

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Work Orders

Work Orders

PubWorks makes managing work orders easy and flexible. Shifting work to a planned, preventative maintenance program improves department efficiency and employee productivity.

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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

PubWorks Fleet Maintenance is a complete fleet maintenance management software package for any public works department. Available as a standalone system, or part of our Suite.

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PubWorks Mobile

Mobile will change the way your crew operates in the field. Work, Requests, Assets, Map, Inventory and Inspect are the 6 functionalities that will make your life easier and more productive.

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GIS MapViewer

GIS MapViewer

The built-in GIS functions of the MapViewer allow you to instantly map any appropriate data held in PubWorks. You can map Assets, Requests, Work Orders, Cost Data and more with the MapViewer..

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Powerful Tools That Help You With:

Job Costing

Job Costing



Public Works Project Tracking

Project Tracking

Public Works labor Tracking

Labor Tracking

Different Roles Accomplishing Different Goals.

Who Uses PubWorks, software for Public Works?

public works director


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

It gives me the data I need to report to council or citizens. It’s great for assisting with forecasting how much I’ll need to budget for labor, materials & equipment in the future. With the software suite I can show up with answers for hard questions. PubWorks makes my life easier.

public works administrator


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

It’s fast and easy to record all the work performed by the field crews.  I use it to record Service Requests coming from citizens and staff.  I love the reporting capability; it gives me spot on answers for tough questions coming from my superiors.  PubWorks makes my life easier.

public works engineer


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

I can be more prepared with job costing upcoming projects based upon work and project history.  I love the instant reporting capability and the instant views of what work needs to happen today, this week, this month or this year.  PubWorks makes my life easier.

Public works GIS Master


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

I can see where our work is on a map. Creating a Service Request directly from the MapViewer ensures that the repair costs are associated with the correct asset. All while keeping our GIS data safe by utilizing user powers to minimize who has the ability to update data.

IT Director Public Works


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

It’s easy to install.  The data is protected and it’s easy to update. I enjoy knowing that the Public Works Department is happy with a robust software package that is in use within a few months after purchase.

public works elected offical

Elected Official

Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

I like having answers to tough questions asked by citizens. I like the ability to quickly make decisions based on hard data.  It is great to be able to report to citizens with facts and not guesses.

city county citizen


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

I see results. If I call in a problem, I like to see that it’s being handled and ultimately see the results of my completed request.  I enjoy knowing where my tax dollars are being spent with the job costing data reported.

public works field worker

Field Operator

Why do you like PubWorks?

I like it because...

I like being able to look at the work I performed and how it effects the department as a whole.  I enjoy ticking off projects/work orders/activities and have something to show for it.

low cost software

Affordable. Not priced per seat.

90% Customer Retention Rate.

Departments, you have them, we help them.

PubWorks is flexible public works software that can be implemented in almost any sector within city or county department. Which Department do you work in?

Road Department

Road and Bridge

Your road and bridge department will appreciate being able to track work preformed, costs and condition of their valuable assets.

Fleet department


The Fleet Maintenance module can be a stand alone system or just a module within your software product suite.

Sign department


To run an improved Signs Department use PubWorks to track the condition, location and inventory of all your signs.

Streets public works


Streets and Traffic assets make the top of the list of some of the most important to track. This software suite will help you manage these and all other assets that make the top of your list of importance.

facility management public works


Manage your facilities using PubWorks product suite. Whether it's your shop, water treatment facility, city/county hall or library, this software suite will manage all assets that live inside your facility.



Your stormwater management plays an important role in keeping your citizens safe. Manage your stormwater assets with ease using the PubWorks suite of products.

Water and Waste Water

Water and Waste Water

Water/waste water is a hidden asset that plays an important role in keeping your city safe. PubWorks takes the "Oh $hit!" out your vocabulary.

parks and forestry department

Parks and Forestry

Manage your Parks and Forestry assets using PubWorks. Easily, track cost, condition and location of these type of assets.

Outstanding Customer Support

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. With a hands-on support center, online documentation and HD video tutorials, it's no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing support.

“Just want to let you know that your support department is awesome and they are always here when I need them. Within minutes from my email I am getting a phone call to help me out with my problems. I totally love this program. Thanks for making my life and job easier!”
Pamela Harris, Taylor County, GA
“Working with PubWorks during the design and implementation stages of the PubWorks project has been great. They have an extremely qualified team of professionals who not only understand the details of precinct operations, but also how to support the software they sell.“
Joey Trungale, DeWitt County, TX
“The software is as advertised, easy to use, very comprehensive, and captures an incredible amount of information for use. Your support staff has provided outstanding service and are always available when needed.“
Douglas P. Baker, Beaufort County, SC
"Our training session with Tyler was very informative. He was very helpful considering each point we needed clarification and/or updated education on. Tina has also been extremely helpful with getting our MapViewer up and running after a change of servers. Her success is much appreciated."
Marsha Hockensmith, Platte County, MO
"The customer support is great, you can get their help by simply visiting the support feature on the PubWorks desktop, you get a call within an hour and it's someone there to help you. The training was a huge benefit, both to help employees use PubWorks and for computer-illiterate employees in general. Now I get emails from guys who I never got emails from before. Now they know how to use Outlook."
Adam Boeche, Village of Mundelein, IL

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