PubWorks Service Request Triangle

Keeping track of demand maintenance can be a challenge.  PubWorks has developed a way to simplify this process and keep better tabs on necessary repairs on assets within public works departments.  Using the Service Request Triangle, issues can go from a citizen reporting an issue to the issue being fixed all within a few hours.

Service Request complete triangle

An Easy Way To Manage Demand Maintenance

tree down demand maintenance

PubWorks makes it easy for communities to report demand maintenance using Online Service Requests.  Anytime a citizen encounters an issue, they can easily report the issue using an online form and sends it to your public works department.

work order assigned to staff

The information from the citizen is sent directly to the PubWorks system within your public works department. The staff then assigns the work, and the work request is pushed out to the mobile devices in the field and mobile crews can make the necessary repair quickly.

mobile crews can make fast repairs

The field crews receive the request on their mobile device, they head to the job site and fix the issue. Once work is complete the crew records the labor time, task, equipment usage, materials and close out the issue.  Work is complete and the citizen is happy!

We’d LOVE to show you how this works!

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