Two Solutions for Canadian Public Works Departments:

PubWorks and MuniSoft

PubWorks and MuniSoft work together to fulfill the needs of Canadian Public Works Departments.  These two companies offer excellent products and customer support designed especially for your needs. See the two different software functionalities below with the Full Asset Management Suite and the PSAB complaint 3150.  MuniSoft would love to demonstrate to you the functionality of the product you are looking for.  If you desire to see a free product demo, please contact: 1-800-663-6864 or email:

MuniSoft Canada Public Works

Full Asset Management Suite

Asset Management Job Costing CORE

Asset Management Job Costing Core

Asset Management tracking is vital for every public works department.

Asset management is the cornerstone of the PubWorks system. With the PubWorks CORE you will have all the tools you need to track data on Labour, Equipment, Materials used and Task performed to be able to do a complete Job Cost to know exactly where you are spending your funds on your Assets.

Service Requests

Let PubWorks manage your Service Requests – Demand Maintenance

PubWorks Service Requests module is the way to track your demand maintenance and keep your community running smoothly.  You can track Service Requests, from initiation through to the work order and on to completion. This thorough and consistent process will effectively manage the very fluid and reactionary nature of Service Requests, while providing valuable insight regarding the associated costs.

service request problem reported

Work Orders

Work Orders for public works

Work Orders to Simplify Your Scheduled Maintenance.

Public Works Work Orders are a critical function for the whole department.  PubWorks helps you increase your departments efficiency with our Work Order app.  Your scheduled maintenance plan won’t fall through the cracks.  Your Public Works work orders will be easier and can be applied to any set of assets.

Fleet Maintenance

A complete Fleet Maintenance package ready to go just for your public works department.

 PubWorks Fleet Maintenance module is a complete Fleet Maintenance management software package for any public works department. Our Fleet product can either be purchased as a standalone system, or a part of our complete PubWorks Suite.  Our product offering is robust yet easy-to-use and can help you successfully and efficiently manage diversified vehicle and equipment fleets both large and small.
Fleet Maintenance for public works

PubWorks Mobile

Increase Efficiency by Managing Work in the Field

Equipping your crew with tablets will create your new mobile workforce – allowing them to record work as they go, and quickly respond to new work orders and service requests. This divide-and-conquer field-recording capability will increase your department’s efficiency and productivity. With mobile mapping, work orders, service requests, inspections and asset inventory, you’ll be better equipped to deal with sudden change of crew needs.

Public Works Mobile for public works

GIS MapViewer

GIS Mapping for public works

Use Maps to track work without the headache.

PubWorks GIS MapViewer is an essential product for today’s necessity to view work on a map.  Our mapping technology offers Public Works Departments access to view their work on top of a GIS map.  The key is all GIS data is kept 100% safe from unwanted changes – PubWorks adds our data on-top of your GIS Data.

PSAB 3150 For Tangible Capital Assets

  • User friendly design results in quick start up time with very little training required
  • Self guided approach/framework for meeting the PS3150 requirements, accounting for tangible capital assets
  • Minimize the time required to enter data and reduce data entry errors with preset sample drop lists to categorize data in a consistent fashion
  • Supports a wide variety of capital assets such as land, buildings, roads, water, sewer and other utility systems, bridges, vehicles and equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Define and customize category data including asset classification, asset type, division, equipment type, location type, surface type, etc.
  • Account for assets using either the single asset approach or the more detailed component basis
  • Quickly set up linear assets such as roads and streets at a “master” level and break down to a more detailed level using the Asset Segmentation feature
  • Assign and locate applicable asset features such as signs, culverts, bridges, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, etc.
  • Supports up to 20 user definable fields for feature descriptions such as dimensions, capacity, year built, restrictions, building construction details, etc.
  • Calculate original costs using the Asset Deflation Calculator to determine the original cost based on average inflation, age of the asset and current cost to build or replace the asset
  • Generate management reports such as asset listing, depreciation reports, condition rating reports and more
  • Inventory vehicles and equipment, equipment type, vehicle ID, license number, original cost, useful life, replacement cost, scrap values, etc.
  • Comply with PSAB management and reporting requirements
  • Convenient migration path to full featured activity based cost accounting and management reporting and/or service requests and fleet management

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