Working smarter not harder is the essence of efficiency and PubWorks Mobile (on your smart phone or tablet) was designed to make this an easily achieved reality.

Repeat trips back to the office to get that latest work order or relaying service requests over the radio describing the blocked culvert or down sign? With PubWorks Mobile service requests (aka Work Orders) are instantly sent to their assignee the moment they are entered in PubWorks. This will reduce trips back to the office providing a real boost to productivity and fuel savings if travel distances are significant.

Do workers in remote shops fill in their time sheets (daily work logs) on paper and then fax them to the main office or County Courthouse at the end of the week? If so, those remotely stationed workers could simply enter their work records in PubWorks Mobile and they’d automatically be integrated into the main PubWorks database along with everyone else’s. No more delays, paper, faxing no transcription.

Are work records and time sheets keyed in by a single admin assistant? Divide and conquer with PubWorks Mobile, let workers enter their on own time sheets directly. Our customers are finding that this strategy greatly improves data integrity because the workers know, first hand, exactly what was done, where it was done and what equipment and materials were used. No more bulldozers mowing grass!

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