PubWorks would like to show you some of what has been cooking so far this year. We have five new items on our list of What’s New features.

I’d also like to encourage you to take a few minutes to dive into our Support website to admire all the support resources we’ve accumulated over the past few years. Tooltips, Past Webinars, How-To Videos and more. See them all here:

Here is What’s New:

Employee Record Hyperlinking

New hyperlinks allow a user to jump from a user record to its linked employee record and vice versa.

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Approving Work for Mobile

Enhanced User Interface when approving Work for Mobile. When opening the Mobile Work Approval screen, the form will now auto-filter for the department set for your user.

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Crew Activities Marked with an “M”

Crew Activities created with PubWorks Mobile are now marked with an “M.”
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Fleet Parts Kit Enhancement

If you use Part Kits in the PubWorks Fleet Module, we have some good news.
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Equipment Screen Enhancement

Customers have asked for a quick way to determine the age of equipment used in PubWorks without having to run a report.
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If you cannot find what you’re looking for, then please reach out to one of our support techs. or just call them at 888-920-0380 ext. 2.
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