When working with Public Works departments around the country, we often hear the struggles that organizations face daily. The underlying theme of these struggles is that outdated systems hurt efficiency and visibility.

Relying on Antiquated Systems

The biggest thing we hear from public works departments is that they are still relying on homemade databases, paper files or memory to keep track of assets, work activities and job costs. As a result, work frequently falls between the cracks and a lot of extra time is spent tracking down records and updating information redundantly. PubWorks provides an in-depth set of products that are easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated to allow for full visibility and a stream-lined work process.

Reporting Limitations

Even when older systems seem to be working well, there are often limitations with the reporting they can produce. Managers and directors aren’t able to get the information they need and are frequently concerned with losing historical data. You need reports that help you set your budget and track your progress. With over 600 reports that are easy to customize, PubWorks can change the way your department operates, with the ability to make faster and better-informed decisions.


Start to Finish Workflow

Departments need a start-to-finish workflow, whereby a request can be logged (either online or via phone) and pushed out to crew members on mobile devices. This push gives field crews the ability, on-the-spot, to update requests and enter their time, equipment and materials in real time and immediately synch with the main database. Equipping your crew with smartphones or tablets creates your new mobile workforce – allowing them to record work as they go, and quickly respond to new work orders (aka service requests). This divide-and-conquer, field-recording capability will increase your department’s efficiency and productivity. Field crews will act on the latest information and record their work allowing office staff to see their accomplishments, notes and photos in seconds.


While transitioning from an antiquated system can seem daunting, PubWorks makes the onboarding transition smooth with data migration, training and support services. Our Implementation Process is one of the many great things about PubWorks. As a PubWorks customer you can be up and operating your powerful new software package within weeks.