System Requirements

PubWorks is a Versatile Solution

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PubWorks System Requirements are designed with you in mind.
PubWorks can run on almost any system: desktop, laptop or mobile device.

For hosting options, choose between on-premise server-based or our Microsoft Azure Cloud.
It’s your choice!

If you have any questions, please contact PubWorks Support anytime. or 888-920-0380 ext.2


To effectively run PubWorks on your office computers, the general rule-of-thumb is “if you can run Windows, you can run PubWorks.”

More specifically, minimum workstation requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 10 or greater
  • Minimum hardware requirements of Windows OS
  • Monitor with 1028×768 resolution or greater
  • Ethernet Connection

SQL Server

PubWorks provides exceptional performance in the SQL Server environment.  PubWorks is compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or greater.

Minimum Server requirements are as follows:

  • Windows Server 2016 or greater
  • SQL Server 2016 or greater
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • 4-8 core CPU
  • 32GB of RAM
  • 1TB of storage

Cloud Hosting

Think about getting the cloud if you:

  • Have offices with a robust internet connection
  • Need to access your data from outside of the office (at home or from hotspots around town)

Once you’re ready to move, just send us a backup of your SQL Server database, we’ll migrate it to the cloud and adjust your configuration so PubWorks can find your cloud-based database.

GIS MapViewer

PubWorks is compatible with all ESRI data storage formats including:

  • File GEO Database (.gdb)
  • Spatial Database Engine Server (.SDE)

Supported ESRI License Versions:

  • All versions 10.3 to 10.8.2


Supported Devices:

  • Device must be Android version 8 or greater
  • Optimized for a 7 inch tablet
  • 4GB of RAM at least

Apple iOS

Supported Devices:

  • Devices must be iOS version 12 or greater
  • Optimized for any current iPad
  • Will run on current iPhones

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“PubWorks is everything I needed and more. PubWorks worked with me to find out just what I needed. They were able to transfer all my data from our old MSDS program to PubWorks easily. Support is excellent, literally a phone call away. I couldn’t be happier, I am still finding things I can do with the software that will make our cost tracking a piece of cake; so many options and ways to do things.”

Candy Kenner , Musselshell County, MT

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