Customer Support

Here you will find contact information and links to training resources within our dedicated website.

Our PubWorks support team is committed to providing timely, consistent and effective assistance.

We are here to help:
Monday – Friday 6:00 am – 5:00pm MT.
Call (888) 920-0380 ext 2

PubWorks Support Technicians

Tina Clark
Tina ClarkCustomer Support Manager
Tina manages PubWorks support processes and staff, as well as provides frontline support for PubWorks’ customers. She brings a mixer of customer support, training, water/wastewater services & GIS experience to the table.

Contact Tina directly: or 888.920.0380 ext. 702

Ed Mitchell
Ed MitchellSales / Customer Support
Ed has been with PubWorks since 2006 and knows the product well. Ed is our Northeast sales representative. He also contributes in supporting new customers with data conversions, installation, training and follow-up customer support.

Contact Ed directly: or 888.920.0380 ext. 706

Tyler Newton
Tyler NewtonCustomer Support/Implementation Specialist
Tyler splits his time at PubWorks between the Help Desk and Training/Installing onsite with clients. He works to compile and convert customers legacy systems and import that information into PubWorks.

Contact Tyler directly: or 888.920.0380 ext. 708

Ciara Poe
Ciara PoeCustomer Support
Ciara has over four years of experience with Customer Success and Operations. Her years of software support makes her a valuable contributor to the PubWorks Customer Support Team.

Contact Ciara: or 888.920.0380 ext. 716

Bill Jackson
Bill JacksonCustomer Support
Bill’s background includes CIS & GIS and comprehensive hard/software support experience. Bill provides Onsite and Web Training and loves to work with clients exercising all levels of computer experience.

Contact Bill Jackson directly: or 888.920.0380 ext. 704

Tremayne Gladden
Tremayne GladdenCustomer Support
Tremayne joins the PubWorks team with over a decade of experience working with customers in a variety of roles.

Contact Tremayne directly: or 888.920.0380 ext. 715

“Our training session with Tyler was very informative. He was very helpful considering each point we needed clarification and/or updated education on. Tina has also been extremely helpful with getting our MapViewer up and running after a change of servers. Her success is much appreciated.”

Marsha Hockensmith, Platte County, MO

“The customer support is great, you can get their help by simply visiting the support feature on the PubWorks desktop, you get a call within an hour and it’s someone there to help you. The training was a huge benefit, both to help employees use PubWorks and for computer-illiterate employees in general. Now I get emails from guys who I never got emails from before. Now they know how to use Outlook.”

Adam Boeche, Village of Mundelein, IL

“Just want to let you know that your support department is awesome and they are always here when I need them. Within minutes from my email I am getting a phone call to help me out with my problems. I totally love this program. Thanks for making my life and job easier!”

Pamela Harris, Taylor County, GA

“I would like to thank Bill Jackson for his excellent customer service. He made the PubWorks update go smoothly and painlessly for a computer newbie. He also took the time to help me with some computer questions I had that were not related to PubWorks. He is very computer savvy and he also has a great sense of humor.”

Sue Steele, Yuma County, CO

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Support Resources

Here you’ll find PubWorks training Tooltips, monthly Webinar class information, How-To Videos, What’s New within the PubWorks program and Documents.

Training Opportunities

Here you will find information on the various PubWorks training opportunities we offer, join us for our annual PubWorks Users’ Conferences, we also have on-site training opportunities where your organization will get a personal training session, don’t forget about our online training sessions that can take place using GoToMeeting with one of our dedicated support technicians.

Getting PubWorks

Here you’ll find information all about what System Requirements are necessary to install PubWorks.  Here you’ll find information about Implementing PubWorks within your organization.