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  PubWorks Results

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PubWorks Gives You The Results You Are Looking For

You need results.  Job Costing for public works is something that will help you outline your consumption of materials and equipment usage.  Labor Tracking for all your employees has many benefits, tracking overtime/sick-time/project hours and more.  Imagine what you could do with Project Tracking public works projects, it’s all possible when you start using PubWorks.  When disaster strikes, have some peace of mind that PubWorks is your tool in being able to recoup the FEMA funds that you need to get your city/county back.  All of these great functions will give you what you’re really after: Reports for public works.  You need reports that help you create your budget – or numbers that stand-up during council meetings.  Reports will be there to back you up.  Whatever the decision that you need to make, you can count on PubWorks reporting capability to deliver what you need.

reporting for public works

Reporting for Public Works

PubWorks provides over 500+ ready-to-run reports that are easy to customize. These reports will change the way your department operates. With the ability to make faster and more informed decisions.

Job Costing

Do you know what it cost to patch potholes last month? Do you know how many miles of street sweeping were performed and what it cost per mile? How about the labor cost on the key project last summer? And what about last winter’s snow removal costs – how far did you exceed your budget?

job costing for public works
labor tracking for public works

Labor Tracking

PubWorks has helped customers track labor hours as they relate to work management and job costing but it also has always gives users the ability to comprehensively track employee hours for time spend both on and off the job.  Using software for labor tracking will simplify the way your operation runs.

FEMA Reporting

When a FEMA disaster hits the last thing you want to be concerned with is, “How are we going to file to get recovery money?!” With PubWorks, we take that concern out of the picture and allow you to focus on the clean-up efforts everyone is depending on you for.

fema for public works

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