Work Orders to Simplify Your Scheduled Maintenance

  • Work Order Module

    Public Works work orders are a critical function for the whole department.  We help you increase your departments’ efficiency and with our Work Order module, your scheduled maintenance plan won’t fall through the cracks.  Your Public Works work orders will be easier and can be applied to any set of assets.

  • Additions

    Coupling the Work Order module with the GIS MapViewer, you’ll gain a new picture of where your work is being completed.  You’ll be able to Job Cost specific tasks and to-do lists.

    Adding the PubWorks Work Order module will increase management oversight and reduce the number of tasks that fall through the cracks.


  • Establish work plans and Planned Maintenance Schedules
  • Manage all Scheduled Maintenance
  • Use To-Do-List to alert you to what must be accomplished and when
  • Monitor Costs and Progress
  • Automatically perform resource tracking and Job Costing
  • Map Trends for analysis, and adjust accordingly
  • Electronic time-sheet
  • Over 600 ready-to-use Reports


  • Mowing medians
  • Street sweeping
  • Televised inspection of waste and storm water pipes
  • Inspection of all sorts
  • Grading roads in summer
  • Lane striping roads
  • Exercising valves for hydrants and other water assets
  • Replacing the batteries in smoke detectors

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