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Work Orders for Public Works

Work Orders to Simplify Your Scheduled Maintenance

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Public Works work orders are a critical function for the whole department.  PubWorks helps you increase your departments’ efficiency with our Work Order app.  Your scheduled maintenance plan won’t fall through the cracks.  Your Public Works work orders will be easier and can be applied to any set of assets.

Coupling the Work Order app with the GIS MapViewer, you’ll gain a new picture of where your work is being completed.  You’ll be able to Job Cost specific tasks and to-do lists.

Adding the PubWorks Work Order app will increase management oversight and reduce the number of tasks that fall through the cracks.

Check out the EASY process below to get your Scheduled Maintenance under control:

The Work Order Process for PubWorks

Start with a Task

 public works work order task

Pick your Task you’d like to have completed on a routine basis.

in addition to

Assign it to a set of Assets

 public works asset

Assign the Task to the Assets of your choice.

in addition to

Create your Schedule

schedule work order

Complete your Work Order plan by Scheduling when your crew will preform the Task on the set of Assets.

Enter: Labor

worj order labor hours

Enter the Labor for the individual or the entire Crew for the amount of time they spend on the Work Order.

Enter: Location

work order location task

Enter the Locations of the Work Orders.

Enter: Equipment

word order equipment usage

Enter the Equipment used to execute the Work Orders.

Enter: Materials

work order materials used

Enter the Materials used in performing the Work Orders.

what can you do with your work orders

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Work Order Examples
  • Mowing medians
  • Street sweeping
  • Televised inspection of waste and storm water pipes
  • Inspection of all sorts
  • Grading roads in summer
  • Lane striping roads
  • Exercising valves for hydrants and other water assets
  • Replacing the batteries in smoke detectors

Additional Resources

Job Costing

Job Costing for public works


Comprehensive Reporting for public works

Labor Tracking

Labor Tracking for public works


FEMA Reporting for public works


Project tracking for public works
“Now we are creating histories for when calls come in, and when work orders are fulfilled. This helps us keep track of our employees, as well as flagging frequent problems at the same address. It also helps us with tracking reports, so we can say what it costs to do snow removal, or patch repair, or a particular project such as a bridge replacement.”
Scott Bressler, Operations Deputy for the Engineer's Office, Butler County, OH

Work Order Screen Shots

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