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  Service Requests

Service Requests for Public Works

Let PubWorks manage your Service Requests – Demand Maintenance

PubWorks Service Requests module is the way to track your demand maintenance and keep your community running smoothly. You can track Service Requests, from initiation through to the work order and on to completion. We have a workflow we like to call the “Service Request Triangle” that is the definition of efficiency. This thorough and consistent process will manage the very fluid and reactionary nature of Service Requests while providing valuable insight regarding the associated costs.

The Service Request Process for PubWorks

Step 1: Problem Reported

service request problem reported

Calls from Citizens, Employees, Managers and Visitors reporting community problems are received.

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Step 2: Call Recorded

Record the problem

Calls are received and the Problem, Location and caller information are entered into PubWorks.

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Step 3: Work Assigned

labor tracking

The call recorder assigns the work to the individual or crew along with the location where the work will be completed.

Step 4: Work is Performed

work order service request

The Work Order is passed on to the individual or crew who performs the work and finishes the task.

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Step 5: Problem is fixed.

service request problem fixed

Time to close out the demand maintenance Service Request.

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Step 6: Enter Work into PubWorks

enter service request into computer

After the work has been completed, enter the relevant information into PubWorks.

Enter: Labor

service request labor hours

Enter the labor for the individual or the entire crew for the amount of time they spend on fixing the problem.

Enter: Location

service request location task

Enter the Location of the problem. Use this information to identify problem areas.

Enter: Equipment

service request equipment usage

Enter the Equipment used to fix the problem. Use this information to identify the active hours of your equipment.

Enter: Materials

service request materials used

Enter the Materials used for the work performed to fix the problem.

Enter: Task

service request task

What Task was being performed? Keep records of what Tasks are costing you the most. Keep records of what Tasks are being completed.

service request data received

We’d love to show you all the Bells & Whistles our Service Requests app has to offer. Sign-up for a free Live Demo.

PubWorks Service Request Customer Winners – Top 3 Number of Recorded Service Requests

24,897 City of Green Cove Springs, FL
32,781 Town of Southampton, NY
40,252 Village of Mundelein, IL

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“Now we are creating histories for when calls come in, and when work orders are fulfilled. This helps us keep track of our employees, as well as flagging frequent problems at the same address. It also helps us with tracking reports, so we can say what it costs to do snow removal, or patch repair, or a particular project such as a bridge replacement.”
Scott Bressler, Operations Deputy for the Engineer's Office, Butler County, OH

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