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When you scan a parts barcode, PubWorks will translate that bar code into part number and then insert it onto a Fleet Work Order. Or, you can search for the part in the inventory, create a new part for your inventory or use the part for an inventory adjustment, return or transfer.

Also, printing labels that include bar codes will be handy for bin labeling and better inventory management and control.

Fleet Barcode Screenshots

Fleet Parts Inventory

PubWorks helps you manage your parts inventory. As parts are consumed on Work Orders, their inventory quantities are automatically updated.

Using minimum and reorder quantities, PubWorks can tell where supplies are low and how much to reorder. You will always have accurate inventory information at your fingertips and the days of excessive downtime because you’re waiting on parts are over.

How do I reconcile my parts inventory?

PubWorks has functions for inventory add, return, adjustment and transfer. Inventory reconciliation can become a simple as-needed process instead having to perform monthly or annual inventory reviews. This will save time, reduce waste and avoid errors.

Is the PubWorks Inventory flexible?

PubWorks allows you to code and categorize your inventory in ways that are best suited for your shop.

For example, Parts can:

  • be stored in multiple shops.
  • be linked to a primary and secondary vendor and an accounting fund.
  • be used to represent environmental and disposal fees.
  • be added “on-the-fly” when introduced via a Work Order.
  • be flagged as stock or non-stock.
  • have alias and vendor part number values for alternative identification.

Fleet Parts Inventory Screenshots