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  Labor Tracking

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Labor Tracking With PubWorks

PubWorks has helped customers track labor hours as they relate to work management and job costing but it also has always gives users the ability to comprehensively track employee hours for time spend both on and off the job.  Using software for labor tracking will simplify the way your operation runs.  Instantly know how many hours John Doe has worked this week, this month or this year.  Labor reports can be accessed within minutes with just a few mouse-clicks.  These reports will offer you significant insight as to where your labor hours are being spent, who’s close to hitting the Overtime threshold and much more.

Our labor types can be modeled to meet your needs exactly and whether it’s a two-week or monthly report summarizing each employee’s hours or an export file produced to directly feed your payroll system.

These direct interface capabilities can add tremendous value and efficiency to your operation first by accurately collecting employee hours at their source and then inserting them directly into your payroll system – it’s speed and accuracy realized.

“Our work crew manager tells us what the project is for the day. Our workers only have to tell us where they were, what equipment they are in, and what they are doing. We made it real simple for them.”

–Colleen Robbins, Bannock County, Idaho

Track Employees – Regular Time

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Track Employees – Overtime

Labor Tracking Overtime Tracking

Track Employees – Sick Time

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Track Employees – Vacation Time

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Track, Manage and Analyze

  • Employees and Labor Costs
  • Contractors Costs
  • Employee Costs per Location
  • Employee Costs per Task
  • Employee Costs per Project
  • Employee Vacation Time
  • Employee Sick Time
  • Employee Overtime
  • Track Worker Compensation Costs
  • If you can manage it, PubWorks can measure it!

Labor Tracking Screen Shots

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Labor Tracking for your Public Works Department – Four Benefits to Using Software

There are three constants within each Public Works Department: labor, assets and materials. In this post, you will learn about four major benefits of using a software system specifically designed for public works departments for labor tracking.

PubWorks has nearly 600 customers in the US and Canada. Here, we look at two customers that use labor tracking to improve their Public Works operation: The City and The County of Peoria, Illinois. (Read More)

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