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  Job Costing

job costing for public works

What Is Job Costing?

For public works departments it means you are able to tell exactly how much you spent on pieces of equipment, projects, tasks and labor.

Do you know how much it cost to patch potholes last month? Do you know how many miles of street sweeping were performed and what it cost per mile? How about the labor cost on the key project last summer? And what about last winter’s snow removal costs – how far did you exceed your budget?

With PubWorks, these job costing questions are answered easily with just a few mouse-clicks. Our easy-to-use software quickly process costing and takes employee and crew timesheets and converts them to meaningful, easily retrieved and straightforward information in seconds!

Imagine being able to tell your council or superior exactly how much it cost to repair that stretch of road.  You will love having that information to make informed solid decisions that will positively impact your entire public works department.

Using PubWorks to keep track of how your department is using its resources by capturing data about work performed, labor, equipment and materials used is easy.

“PubWorks is one of the greatest tools we purchased for Road & Bridge. Because of our cost accounting capabilities in PubWorks, we are able to pinpoint and keep better track of our actual costs.”

–Patrick Sullivan, Road & Bridge Supervisor Rio Grande County, CO

Job Costing without PubWorks

job costing without pubworks


Job Costing with PubWorks!

job costing public works

Track, Manage and Analyze

  • Activities and Tasks
  • Employees and Labor Costs
  • Contractors and Vendors
  • Equipment Use
  • Inventory Management
  • Roads, Streets, Parks, Buildings, etc.
  • Bridges, Signs, Culverts, etc.
  • Projects
  • Routes
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Comprehensive Cost Analysis
  • Funds and Purchase Orders
  • GIS Integration

Job Costing Screen Shots

Job Costing is made easy with PubWorks.  We’d love to show you how we do it! Join us for a Demo.