Keep your inspections up to date and organized digitally with PubWorks.

Streamline your processes with digital inspections.

With PubWorks Inspections, you’ll be able to assign and manage inspections for any kind of asset – for roads, bridges, vehicles and equipment, you name it.

View, create and manage inspections in the office or in the field with PubWorks Mobile – it’s inspection ready!

Do you perform Inspections? Are your inspections performed using paper-based forms like these?

Here are just three examples of what an inspection might encompass each requires an inspector to answer a series of questions about the status, nature or condition of a particular asset.

In PubWorks, we’ve created an Inspection module that lets you computerize virtually any inspection into a custom Template that can be used over and over again on any class of asset in your PubWorks database.

This gives customers an easy and electronic means of maintaining important inspection histories that are tied directly to the assets that were subject to inspections.

The Inspection Templates you create can carry any number of questions and the questions can be as varied as you need them to be.

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