FEMA Reporting

PubWorks does the hard work of managing your disaster recovery work. By programming FEMA equipment rates, creating easy reports, you can get your reimbursement money sooner.  Let PubWorks do your number crunching and report making in the recovery process. That leaves you to focus your time on getting your city or county back on track.

Great news is that the Reporting capability comes standard with the PubWorks CORE Module– this is FEMA job costing software.  When a disaster strikes you’ll be able to get back on your feet faster with reimbursement money arriving sooner to help with the disaster recovery.

Are you prepared for a FEMA event?

Select Public Works software that can do the following:

  • Extensive customer experience with FEMA reporting.

  • Built in reports that can be submitted to FEMA.

  • Produces the detailed information required by FEMA.

  • Is it easy to enter data to account for the costs of the disaster.

  • Has extensive event audits for Employees, Equipment and Materials so you won’t miss
    any reimbursements.

  • Detailed disaster reports by Task, Location, Employee, Equipment and Material.

  • Produces FEMA Force Account Reports for Labor and Equipment.

  • Has Equipment / Operator mode that FEMA requires when documenting work for your crews.

  • Can link Fleet Work Orders in Fleet Maintenance to a FEMA event.

  • Can setup alternative FEMA Rates to use rather than the standard in-house rates.

  • Can easily update all FEMA equipment rates and/or other rates as batch updates when you
    receive the invoices.

  • Can adjust the Fringe Benefit Rates for Employees at any time.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Project Screenshots

Project Steps

  • Create a Project
  • Record regular work: Labor, Equipment and Materials
  • Enter it into PubWorks
  • Set FEMA rates
  • Print reports
  • Submit the reports
  • Collect reimbursement Money!
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Current FEMA Schedule of Equipment

“PubWorks has been a lifesaver for me. When I started my job at Stillwater County we were in the middle of a big flood FEMA event.  Our guys had been doing emergency repair work on a lot of county roads. If not for the ease of data entry and the support from PubWorks I don’t know what I would have done.  My FEMA liaison was extremely impressed by the reports that are generated at the push of a button.“

–Cathy Nelson , Stillwater County, MT

“PubWorks broke down each task that was done during the disaster, and then our FEMA reps chose which of those tasks could be reimbursed. Before PubWorks that would have been really difficult, if we’d even have been able to do it.”

–Tina McComb, Reno County, KS