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Asset Management Core

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Asset Management tracking is vital for every city and county.

Asset management is the cornerstone of the PubWorks system. With the PubWorks CORE you will have all the tools you need to track data on Labor, Equipment, Materials used and Task performed to be able to do a complete Job Cost to know precisely where you are spending your funds on your Assets.

Within almost every city and county the biggest expenditure is on the assets you manage: Roads & Bridges, Facilities, Water/Wastewater infrastructure, Signs & Signals, Streets, Stormwater and Parks & Forestry. Times are changing, and technology is evolving, and with that, the expectation for transparency is increasing. PubWorks has a suite of products created just for public works departments. Our County Management Software and City Management Software – that is easy to use – will help you with asset management, pleasing your staff, council and citizens.

What Do I Have?

Adding assets to PubWorks is simple. Adding assets can be done by the user by hand, we can write scripts to perform bulk imports, or more elaborate programs can be used to import vast amounts of legacy and GIS data. As far as rolling stock, the same applies – vehicles are assets too!

Where Is It?

Yes, the MapViewer tells a visual story, but our asset hierarchy for Districts, Locations and Location Features allows for asset data to be organized in meaningful, report-friendly, tabular formats. Furthermore, vehicles can be linked to a parent location to help identify the shop or yard they belong to.

What Condition Is It In?

Asset management for your roads is part of PubWorks with the Pavement Condition Indexes, and for all fixed assets custom fields can be used to track condition. Our equipment inventory also explicitly tracks vehicle condition.

What Is The Remaining Value?

All assets in PubWorks can be outfitted with a depreciation schedule, and we have a number of reports that produce information on Net Asset Values which many customers run as part of their year-end auditing process. PubWorks also has reports with information on Asset Replacement that cut across any number of asset classes and asset types.

How To Record Work

Enter: Labor

public works labor tracking

Enter the Labor for the Individual or the entire Crew for the amount of Time they spent while fixing the problem.

Enter: Location

public works job location

Enter the Location of the problem. Use this information to identify problem areas.

Enter: Equipment

public works equipment tracking

Enter the Equipment used while fixing the problem. Use this information to identify the active hours of your Equipment.

Enter: Materials

public works materials tracking

Enter the Materials used while fixing the problem.

Enter: Task

public works task manager

Enter the Task(s) performed while fixing the problem.  Once these steps are complete, you will have access to reports and information you need in seconds!

public works asset managment tracking results

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PubWorks Asset Management Customer Winners – Top 3 Number of Recorded Daily Activities

604,210 Weld County, CO
860,944 Douglas County, CO
884,274 Grand County, CO

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“Now we are creating histories for when calls come in, and when work orders are fulfilled. This helps us keep track of our employees, as well as flagging frequent problems at the same address. It also helps us with tracking reports, so we can say what it costs to do snow removal, or patch repair, or a particular project such as a bridge replacement.”
Scott Bressler, Operations Deputy for the Engineer's Office, Butler County, OH

Asset Management Screen Shots

This is County and City Management Software. If you’re interesting in seeing how PubWorks can help you with Asset Management, join us for a FREE Demo.