Asset Management tracking is vital for every city and county.

Asset management is the cornerstone of the PubWorks system. With the PubWorks CORE you will have all the tools you need to track data on Labor, Equipment, Materials used and Task performed to be able to do a complete Job Cost to know precisely where you are spending your funds on your Assets.
Within almost every city and county the biggest expenditure is on the assets you manage: Roads & BridgesFacilitiesWater/Wastewater infrastructure, Signs & SignalsStreetsStormwaterand Parks & Forestry. Times are changing, and technology is evolving, and with that, the expectation for transparency is increasing. PubWorks has a suite of products created just for public works departments. Our County Management Software and City Management Software – that is easy to use – will help you with asset management, pleasing your staff, council and citizens.


Asset Management Screen Shots