PubWorks products work independently yet are seamlessly integrated creating a comprehensive Public Works Software Solution.  If you are looking for an in-depth set of products that are easy to use, look no further than PubWorks.

Let us help customize a set of solutions that works for your Public Works Department. 

Asset Management

Asset Management is the cornerstone of PubWorks. Here you will find everything you need to track data on job costing, work performed, and the equipment, materials and manpower used.

Service Requests

Reduce requests falling through the cracks with improved responsiveness and a systematic approach. Track requested service from creation, through to the work order and onto completion.

Work Orders

PubWorks makes managing work orders easy and flexible. Shifting work to a planned, preventative maintenance program improves department efficiency and employee productivity.

Fleet Maintenance

PubWorks Fleet Maintenance is a complete fleet maintenance management software package for any public works department. Available as a stand-alone system, or part of our suite.

Mobile App

Mobile will change the way your crew operates in the field. Work, Requests, Assets, Map, Inventory and Inspect are the six functionalities that will make your life easier and more productive.

GIS MapViewer

The built-in GIS functions of the MapViewer allow you to instantly map any appropriate data held in PubWorks. You can map Assets, Requests, Work Orders, Cost Data and more with the MapViewer.

Scan App

Our PubWorks Scan App is a web-based app that allows you to work with inventory remotely in a parts or store room. Perform live lookups and updates to your inventory, work with parts and materials, stock and non-stock, and keep your inventory up-to-date with ease.


With PubWorks Inspections, you’ll be able to assign and manage inspections for any kind of asset – for roads, bridges, vehicles and equipment, you name it. View, create and manage inspections in the office or in the field with PubWorks Mobile – it’s inspection ready!

Job Costing

Our easy-to-use Job Costing software quickly processes costing and takes employee and crew timesheets and converts them to meaningful, easily retrieved and straightforward information in seconds!

Citizen Engagement

PubWorks offers a variety of solutions for Citizen Engagement that seamlessly integrate with your PubWorks Work Order system.


Departmentalization is used to create two or more virtual PubWorks systems in one. Allow assets, resources and work to be segregated and tracked for each identified department or division.

PubWorks Cloud

Increase Efficiency by Managing Work from Anywhere.

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“Cost accounting is the reason we picked PubWorks.  Being able to see how much an asset is costing us, where it is and then being able to create reports and annual budgets from that information is amazing!”

City of Tybee Island, GA

“When we were looking for software, no one understood government and payroll with the different Labor Types, like PubWorks. It is software for government operations like ours. Nothing else out there is geared for public works like PubWorks.”

Peoria County, IL