Since the very beginning, PubWorks has included a material and parts product inventory that is seamlessly integrated with our various ways of documenting work (e.g: via Fleet Work Order or a Crew Activity). We’ve also supported the concept of a “transaction” where, through a simple, yet formal process, inventory quantities and unit costs are managed and documented via an Add, Adjust, Return or Transfer transaction.

When a user visited the materials or parts screens, they were presented with various history logs of how that material or part was used in the field via an Activity record or how it was used in the shop via a Fleet Work Order or how its quantity was updated. Often times, a user would have to flip back and forth among these logs to assemble a full history of use and transactions.

Recently we’ve introduced a Unified History Log that presents all goings-on for a particular material/part. Here, in a single grid you can view how a product was used in Activities and Fleet Work Orders and Transactions (Add, Adjust, Return, Transfer) and Fuel Consumption.

We also have a Product Ledger report that shows similar information via the Material/Parts Inventory Reports.