KPI is a Key Performance Indicator and in PubWorks we’ve just added the ability to analyze six KPIs.

Downtime Tracking and Repair Event Sequence Records is a way to track definitive and customer-defined events during the life of a fleet Work Order that help you track vehicle status (in service versus out of service) and measure downtimes.

1) Asset Availability – analyzes down time and it’s opposite, availability.

2) Average Response Time – looks at the elapsed time between the notification that a service or repair is needed and when the work on the vehicle begins.

3) Do Over Rate – calculates how many work orders are rework or do-overs.

4) PM Completion Rate – analyzes the rate of completing work orders that are PM-related.

5) Average Age Asset – summarizes vehicle and equipment ages.

6) Work Order by Repair Type – breaks down Work Orders by the nature of the repair specified.


These are all available in screen and report views and are subject to a rich set of data filters on the Fleet Work Order Status screen.

The first two KPIs (Asset Availability and Average Response Time) must have the Repair Event Sequence Records turned on.


How to check your KPIs:

1) KPIs are found as an option on the Fleet WO Status Screen.


2) Once the KPIs radio button is selected, the six KPI options become available.