New Feature: Assign Photos to an Asset

When looking at an asset record, it’s great that you can read and edit the many attributes like Department or Acquisition Date but being able to see a picture of the asset would also be great. This is now available!

Broadly speaking, the PubWorks asset records with picture display capability are Equipment, Locations and Location Features. Each of these screens in PubWorks now contains a picture box for displaying a photo (if one exists).

For Equipment here is how it looks:

For Locations:

And for Location Features:


Ok, great, PubWorks can display a picture for an asset but how do I get that picture linked to the asset record?

The way to link a picture (or any kind of document or free-form text note) is via the More button on the screen’s button bar. If the word More has an asterisk appended to it, that means the asset record you are viewing has attached documents and/or notes.


Often, an asset might have more than a single photo, but the asset screen has only a single picture box – what happens in this case? PubWorks will display the first picture is finds but, the use of the word primary in the file description will tell PubWorks to use that photo instead of the first one found.

Also, you might want to see a larger version of the picture rather than the small image shown in the picture box – to get the big picture, just double click the small picture.