Our latest PubWorks Mobile updates include an extensive list of features that will help make Mobile easy to use from anywhere.

Audible and Banner Notifications for New Service RequestsYour crew can now be automatically alerted when new service requests arrive on their devices. Notifications will help keep crews on top of new issues and improve the timeliness of responses.Geo-Coded Service RequestsGeo-coded Service Requests remove any ambiguity as to a Request’s latitude and longitude which makes displaying the Request on a map easy and accurate.Geo-Coded PhotosAutomatically tag photos with their specific latitude and longitude.Attach Photos to Work RecordsEnhance how you document work by attaching photos as needed. A picture is worth a thousand words!Use of Location AddressesLocation addresses remove ambiguity and make very clear where you crew must go to handle a Service Request.Mobile InspectionsPerform Inspections on-the-go with your mobile devices and eliminate in-office paperwork.MUTCD codes for SignsEnhanced so sign inventories can use a catalog of standard sign designations.