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Learn more about PubWorks through reading some of our Case Studies.

PubWorks offers a simple and easy to use solutions to over 500 public works agencies across the United States and Canada.  Do you wonder exactly how public works departments are using PubWorks?  Click the Case Study links below to read about exactly how a few of our customers are finding benefit from using PubWorks.

Diamond Customer: 10 Years +

pubworks diamond customer case study

We spoke with several of PubWorks’ “diamond customers,” who have used the software for 10 years or more, and all reported that the affordably priced program enables them not only to understand and organize their overall workflow, but to perform virtually any task more efficiently, owing to the accurate records of every project and every deployment of manpower, material or equipment.

Using Data to Run a Better Operation

Using Data to Run a Better Operation

In March of 2015 when Miami Township in Montgomery County, Ohio hired a consulting firm to assess its public works department, the focus was initially on financials. How could the department balance its budget and better utilize its resources in the wake of recession-induced staffing and funding cuts?

Managing Storms

Managing Storms

Storms happen in all seasons, PubWorks has customers that can tell you how they successfully managed their storms. Read how Long Branch, NJ, Hamilton County, OH, Miami Township, OH, Boulder County, CO and Benton County, AR all handled their storms using PubWorks.

Chicago Area, Illinois

chicago area case study

In this time of tight budgets, it’s never been more important for public works managers to control costs and justify every penny spent.  For several departments and districts in the Chicago region, PubWorks software has proved to be an affordable solution to track and record all work performed, without creating technical headaches for busy managers.

Johnson County, Wyoming

johnson county case study

Johnson County uses PubWorks to document assets and track costs more easily and more accurately than ever before. With PubWorks, the County is working more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption, creating statistical evidence for securing funding and educating interested parties as to the real costs involved in maintaining a high level of service.

Town of Chenango, New York

chenango case study

The Town of Chenango, New York manages public funds wisely with help from PubWorks. In 2006 the Town of Chenango decided that PubWorks was the software solution of choice to manage the work of various departments, track tasks and manage their costs.

Maintaining Integrity Using Asset Management

Maintaining Integrity Using Asset Management

Dan Richardson, Senior Consultant for SGM, wrote this informative article. This is not a typical PubWorks Case Study, but we think this article delivers great information to our audience.

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