Import fueling transaction to better tracker fuel use, fuel cost and meter readings of your vehicle and equipment fleet. A key added benefit is the ability to more accurately track and schedule PM items and service.

CenexFuel CloudFuel ForceFuel Man
Fuel MasterFuel TracGasBoyMansfield
Phoenix/PetrovendValeroWright Express
Automatically exchange work and service order data between PubWorks and these integration partners allowing you to manage these items in PubWorks taking advantage of our Mobile, Mapping and Job Costing features to enhance and improve your work order management process.

Tree Plotter
Julie 811 Call Before You Dig

Export PubWorks labor hours, across a variety of labor code/categories/types for your custom pay period timeframe to avoid the need to double enter work in PubWorks and you payroll system.

Tyler MunisFundWare
YTimeSpring Brook

LB Telematics


WTH Technology

WTH Technology, Inc has been serving local government clients since 1967. Their beginnings as a civil engineering firm laid the foundation for a becoming a technology consultant and software provider over 20 years ago. Their flagship product, Think GIS® heads a powerful suite of map-centric tools designed to make your job easier. An industry leading, comprehensive support package ensures that you’ll be successful. The average WTH customer has over 10 years tenure and since 2010 WTH has earned a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating.

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