You and your team have a lot on your collective plate – dozens of work orders, numerous projects and hundreds, if not thousands, of assets that require your attention and maintenance.  Switching to mobile technology to improve efficiency can seem intimidating, especially if your team isn’t all that technologically savvy.


PubWorks can makes the transition easy.  Our user friendly app, PubWorks Mobile, is easy-to-use, simple, straightforward, cost-effective.

Don’t let the fear of transition keep you from making your processes easier and better.

“It’s much easier as a management tool to log work, convey work instead of writing things down and verbally telling the crew. Now I can enter a service request, attach a photo, notes and assign it RIGHT THERE IN THE FIELD, it’s so much more efficient”. Rodney Eggleston, Valley Center, KS



With PubWorks Mobile, you’ll be able to ditch paper work orders and spend less time filling out forms. Your team can document work as it happens, in the field (no data plan required). This way, there is no additional paperwork needed when they get back to the office. PubWorks Mobile will save you time, improve accuracy and increase the timeliness of the information collected.



Let’s be honest, a paper system is messy and things can get lost, especially out in the field. With a mobile app everything is saved on-site, in real-time. There’s no need to track down that lost checklist, it’s all in the system and ready for you and your co-workers.



PubWorks Mobile makes reporting hassle-free. There’s no need to manually organize paperwork and spend the time logging data at the end of the day just to get the information you need.  Moving to PubWorks Mobile gives you full visibility of your department’s efforts and accomplishments and you can feel confident that you have access to real-time data whenever you need it.  Everything you need to make data-driven decisions is only a few taps away.



Your crew may be highly skilled in their area of work, but they might not be too keen on documentation and organization of work orders.  This inefficiency can stress your department and create information gaps, especially during transition periods such as training new staff.  PubWorks Mobile is easy to use and intuitive, helping you provide a clear and manageable workflow for your  staff and crews.



Still uncertain by switching? Don’t be, we make it easy for your team, even if they aren’t experienced with smart phones and tablets. Audrea Martens of Pottawatomie County explains how this worked out for her crew:

I want to emphasize the user-friendliness of the mobile app.  We put iPads into the hands of 25 field workers, many of whom had never used a mobile device before.  They didn’t have the first clue on how to use an iPad, let alone an app.  We conducted a couple ½ day trainings on entering work and using service requests.  Instantly we saw an improvement in the quality of our labor records (no more fictional road names).  Service requests were dealt with more efficiently and no longer lost in the shuffle of paper.  I am amazed at the detail some of our workers put into their daily work records.  I never saw that kind of detail on a paper timecard.  Don’t let the fear of user capability stand in the way of using PubWorks mobile.  Anyone can be trained to use it like a pro.”