PubWorks offers the flexiblity to work anywhere.

Dealing with a remote workforce? Here are tools that allow you to keep your operation running smoothly. 

PubWorks has tools to allow you to access information anywhere and allow your team to collaborate in real-time.

PubWorks Cloud

Full and complete access to all PubWorks features, functions and reports as if you were right at your desk.

-Assign Work Order and Requests by Employee and/or Department
-Monitor Costs and Progress
-Identify Trouble Spots and Trends
-Respond to Citizens with Instant and Accurate Information
-Electronic Time-sheets
-Fleet Maintenance Work Order and Inventory Control
-Over 600 Ready-To-Use Reports

PubWorks Mobile

Equip your crews to enter work, manage service requests, work orders and assets while working in the field.

PubWorks Mobile is designed to seamlessly interact, securely and in real-time, with your main PubWorks database. This allows in-office updates to reach field crews automatically and instantly. Field crews will be able to act on the latest information and record their work allowing office staff to see their accomplishments, notes and photos in seconds.

PubWorks Mobile works equally well connected or disconnected, no data plan needed. Our mobile app is for smart phones and tablets, iOS and Android compatible.

Citizen Engagement

Online Service Requests and PubWorks Citizen enable citizens and staff to report issues and make requests through our mobile app designed for citizen engagement.

Citizens and staff can report issues quickly with either your department’s Online Service Requests portal or through the PubWorks Citizen App.

Service Requests are automatically routed to PubWorks Mobile-equipped workers’ smartphones or tablets allowing workers to respond quickly and document the work as it is performed.

Updated Service Requests – and their associated work records – are instantly transmitted to your PubWorks database the moment they are entered or updated.

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