Water & Wastewater departments rely upon PubWorks to help manage their Assets.

PubWorks is water / wastewater software.  Whether it’s helping you track leaks and repairs, or mapping out a PM schedule for exercising valves, PubWorks can help you manage your water distribution assets more efficiently.


By using PubWorks Service Requests you can more efficiently manage your demand maintenance repairs.   When you get a call for a broken pipe, it’s a big deal.  You need to fix it fast.  Using Service Requests you’ll be able to log the trouble area, assemble a crew, display the problem on a map, and track the materials, equipment and labor used to fix the broken pipe all in record time.

Do you have a PM schedule in place?  Using PubWorks Work Order, you’ll be able to create a list of valves to inspect and assign them to a timeline.  As your crews check and inspect the valves they make notes on condition, if an asset needs repair it’s simple to assign it to a crew and track the labor, equipment and materials used to fix the asset.  By creating and running PM schedules you’ll save your shop money by fixing assets before they become expensive emergencies for your water / wastewater operation.

When you use PubWorks the benefits are easy to see.  PubWorks comprehensive reports are easy to generate and just a few mouse-clicks away.  How quickly can you currently calculate how much you spent on leaky pipes in the last 6 months?  Using PubWorks, detailed job costing information for your leaky pipes can be displayed in just a few seconds.

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