Let PubWorks manage your Stormwater assets.

PubWorks can help you manage your Stormwater assets.  Whether it’s a complete drainage system or just your culverts, PubWorks can help clean up your Stormwater operation.

Using the PubWorks suite, we’ll take the work you complete and turn it into information you can report on in seconds.  PubWorks will also show you where you’re spending money, keep track of work history, labor hours, inventory and help you identify trouble spots and inefficiencies.


PubWorks Service Request will help you manage your demand maintenance.  Track where the repair is needed, assign a crew, then record the labor, equipment and materials used to make the repair.

PubWorks Work Orders will help you manage your preventative maintenance schedule and inspections.   Create a list of your Stormwater assets.   Then pick a task, for example: Check all culverts in District 9 for blockages.  Finally, choose a frequency: every 6 months.  With this plan in place you can track what condition your culverts are in and report any repairs needed on a consistent basis.

All your Stormwater assets will be easily seen on a map using our GIS integrated MapViewer.

Stormwater Screenshots

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