With our a-la-carte product offerings, we focus on helping you build a package that is affordable and includes just what you need. 


PubWorks is designed for the small to mid-sized Public Works Department.

  • User Friendly

  • Hundreds of Instant Reports

  • Affordable Long Term Costs

  • Work Orders

  • Mobile Capabilities

  • Visibility from Start to Finish

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At PubWorks, we’re striving to reduce the effort, increase the efficiency and improve the overall process of public works management.

With our hands-on support team we are focused on providing the best service and training in the industry.


Our Service Request module is the way to track and account for your demand maintenance work orders, preventing problems from falling through the cracks to keep your community running smoothly. Track Requests, on the desktop or with our Mobile App, from initiation through to completion.

PubWorks Mobile is designed to seamlessly interact, securely and in real-time, with your main PubWorks database (hosted on-premise or in the cloud). This allows in-office updates to reach field crews automatically and instantly. Field crews can review and act on the latest information, record their work, update work orders allowing office staff to see their updates, accomplishments, notes and photos in seconds.

PubWorks Fleet Maintenance module is a comprehensive package for any public works department. PubWorks Fleet can be purchased as a standalone system or as part of our complete PubWorks Suite.  Fleet is robust yet easy-to-use and can help you successfully and efficiently manage diverse vehicle and equipment fleets both large and small. Parts, Labor, PMs, KPIs, Fuel – it’s all here.

Job Costing and Asset management are the cornerstones of the PubWorks system. The PubWorks CORE gives you all the tools needed to track Labor, Equipment and Materials used for the Tasks performed on the Asset you maintain and oversee. With comprehensive Job Costs you’ll to know precisely where you are spending your money.


“Just want to let you know that your support department is awesome and they are always here when I need them. Within minutes from my email I am getting a phone call to help me out with my problems. I totally love this program. Thanks for making my life and job easier!”

Taylor County, GA

“PubWorks allows us to be completely transparent and accountable to the taxpayers of Edgar County, because we can justify, demonstrate and illustrate everything we’re doing, where we’re going and how the dollars are being spent.”

Edgar County, IL

“I feel like PubWorks is tailor made for us.  It was everything we were looking for in software for our department.”

Woodbury, NJ

“Your company and staff are an asset to me and Washakie County as a whole. We rely heavily on your program for hours tracking, budget projections and equipment maintenance. Your program is definitely worth its value to us in Washakie County. I look forward to the future with you and PubWorks.”

Washakie County, WY