PubWorks will handle your Parks & Forestry Assets with ease.



PubWorks can help you manage the maintenance of any park asset. PubWorks will help with ball fields, park restrooms, lights, bike paths and benches; if it’s a physical asset, PubWorks will help you manage it.

Using the PubWorks suite you can set up PM schedules to alert you when it’s time to aerate your soccer fields. PubWorks will also help you with the demand maintenance as it occurs. If a light is out at the ball field, use PubWorks to record the location, assign the crew to fix it, and track the labor, equipment and materials used to repair that light.

To make it even easier for you, all your park assets can be seen on a seamlessly integrated GIS map using our MapViewer.

When you use PubWorks you can access all your information to run comprehensive reports to show the higher-ups and citizens what has been done and where the money is being spent. Using PubWorks you’ll have the tools to improve the way your park maintenance operation functions.


PubWorks can help you manage your tree inventory.  Whether it’s a blue spruce or a black oak tree, if you want to manage it, we can help. Each tree record can hold any number of attributes about that specific tree, species, estimated age, how often it needs fertilization, etc.

Using PubWorks we can help you set up any kind of tree management schedules to help organize your irrigation, maintenance or fertilizing schedules.

If there is a down or damaged tree, PubWorks can help you record the location, assemble the crew, track the labor, equipment and materials used in the clean up. This will increase efficiency and help you keep better track of your work history and costs.

If you have all your trees integrated with GIS, use the PubWorks MapViewer to see them mapped out.

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