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road and bridge department

Use PubWorks to track work performed within your Facility Department.

PubWorks can manage your buildings and Facility Assets.

Once your Facility Inventory has been created, use PubWorks Work Orders to help establish the PM items needed to keep on top of scheduled maintenance.  Work Orders allow you to change your operation from a demand maintenance operation to a preventative maintenance operation, saving you time and money.

When demand maintenance repairs arise, use PubWorks Service Requests to log the problem area, assign a crew, and then track the labor equipment and materials used to fix the problem.

All this information will be stored and ready for you when you need to run reports.  This information will provide you with work history, job costs, labor costs, inventory on hand and much more..

We Start with your Assets or Locations.
facility mangement for public works

City / County Hall

recreation center public works

Recreation Center

These are your main building blocks.  The big items.  Within the Facility Department, it’s obvious – Facilities and Buildings.  In PubWorks Assets and their Attributes are customized to fit your organization.

Next we build Features of that Asset or Location.

These are the different sub-parts of the main asset.  These are customized for your operation.

Air conditioner

Air Conditioner

swimming pool public works

Swimming Pool

We’d LOVE to show you how PubWorks can help you manage your facilities with ease.  Sign-up for a DEMO.

When you manage your Assets and Asset Features, you’ll be able to…

Attach work

Document Work

Tracking work you’ve performed on your assets PubWorks helps you manage labor, equipment, materials and tasks completed.

job cost work

Job Cost

 The more you use PubWorks the better it will work for you.  When you track your work, materials and labor you will be able to see exactly how much your facility cost you over any period of time.

monitor costs

Monitor Conditions

Keep better tabs on your asset depreciation with PubWorks.  When you monitor your work on assets you’ll be able to quickly see how it’s performing over its lifetime.

report on asset

Report on Assets

PubWorks shines when it comes to reporting.  It’s easy to find the report you need with a collection of over 500 pre-created reports to use and get the results you’re looking for.

Creating projects for public works

Project Tracking

PubWorks provides a great deal of easy-to-use power when it comes to project management cost tracking.  It’s incredibly useful in determining how much work is put into certain projects.

Facility Screenshots

“The software is as advertised, easy to use, very comprehensive, and captures an incredible amount of information for use. Your support staff has provided outstanding service and are always available when needed.”
Douglas P. Baker, Beaufort County, SC