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Public Works has many Departments to juggle, PubWorks can help you.

PubWorks is the solution to tracking work and assets for multiple departments within public works.  Click the links below to discover more about each department.  You’re likely to find answers to your questions in regards to how PubWorks will help you run your public works department more efficiently, with greater accuracy and increased oversite. Remember, PubWorks is the only software available made exclusively for Public Works Departments like yours.

Road and Bridge

Road and Bridge department

Signs and Signals

sign management department

Water and Wastewater

waste water for public works

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance department


streets department public works


Facilities management for public works


stormwater department

Parks and Forestry

parks and forestry department

“PubWorks allows us to be completely transparent and accountable to the taxpayers of Edgar County, because we can justify, demonstrate and illustrate everything we’re doing, where we’re going and how the dollars are being spent.”

Shannon Quinn, MIS/GIS Specialist Edgar County, IL

Who Uses PubWorks?

public works director


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

It gives me the data I need to report to council or citizens. It’s great for assisting with forecasting how much I’ll need to budget for labor, materials & equipment in the future. With PubWorks I can show up with answers for hard questions. PubWorks makes my life easier.

public works administrator


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

It’s fast and easy to record all the work performed by the field crews.  I use it to record Service Requests coming from citizens and staff.  I love the reporting capability; it gives me spot on answers for tough questions coming from my superiors.  PubWorks makes my life easier.
public works engineer


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

I can be more prepared with job costing upcoming projects based upon work and project history.  I love the instant reporting capability and the instant views of what work needs to happen today, this week, this month or this year.  PubWorks makes my life easier.
Public works GIS Master


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

I can see where our work is on a map. Creating a Service Request directly from the MapViewer ensures that the repair costs are associated with the correct asset. All while keeping our GIS data safe by utilizing user powers to minimize who has the ability to update data.
IT Director Public Works


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

PubWorks is easy to install.  The data is protected and it’s easy to update. I enjoy knowing that the Public Works Department is happy with a robust software package that is in use within a few months after purchase.

public works field worker

Field Operator

Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

I like being able to look at the work I performed and how it effects the department as a whole.  I enjoy ticking off projects/work orders/activities and have something to show for it.
public works elected offical

Elected Official

Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

I like having answers to tough questions asked by citizens. I like the ability to quickly make decisions based on hard data.  It is great to be able to report to citizens with facts and not guesses.
city county citizen


Why do you like PubWorks?

I like PubWorks because...

I see results. If I call in a problem, I like to see that it’s being handled and ultimately see the results of my completed request.  I enjoy knowing where my tax dollars are being spent with the job costing data reported.

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