Sign Management with PubWorks

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Sign Management with PubWorks   Organizations that manage roadways often struggle with how to effectively manage signs and keep compliant with Federal Highway management standards. The maintenance and replacement of road signs is incredibly important but can be a difficult undertaking.  According to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) statistics, approximately 42,000 people die annually on U.S. roads. [...]

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Peak Efficiency with PubWorks

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  What is planned maintenance? Planned maintenance (aka scheduled or preventive maintenance) is a proactive strategy where maintenance and inspections of assets are scheduled at regular, appropriate intervals to ensure that assets are operating properly thus minimizing breakdowns, downtime and repairs. What is demand maintenance? On the other hand, demand maintenance (sometimes referred as corrective maintenance) [...]

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Customer Profile: Pottawatomie County, Kansas

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"We suffered a lot of flood damage in 2019, resulting in hundreds of FEMA qualified damage sites.  We created a Project for FEMA 2019 and then created a Service Request for each site.  All of our labor, equipment, contractors, materials and GPS-tagged pictures were directly tied to the overall FEMA project and split out by site.  [...]

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Setting Up PubWorks to Track Covid-19 Hours and Work

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Setting-Up PubWorks to Track COVID-19 Hours and Work Like so much related to COVID-19 we still don’t know what financial help may be available this year.  This makes it difficult to know which reports will be needed for reimbursements.  PubWorks’ flexible design can help you with these [...]

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