Projects – Project Management

PubWorks projects provides a great deal of easy-to-use power when it comes to project management cost tracking.

Setup a project in PubWorks with parameters like desired start and end date, budgeted cost and production quantity.

PubWorks Comprehensive Reporting capability will provide the numerical breaks downs and graphic representations you need to communicate progress and evaluate status.

As work is performed and recorded in PubWorks against your project, PubWorks will automatically perform a wide variety of analysis functions. Projects are also the preferred technique for special events, FEMA reimbursements, IGA tracking and more.

FEMA – When Disaster Strikes

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FEMA - When Disaster Strikes, Your Public Works Department Gets Busy The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has been busy lately cleaning up after a seemingly endless summer of disaster strikes.  The latest rounds of unpredictable acts of Mother Nature have kept our customers busy with clean-up efforts.  We thought it was fitting to post [...]

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