How PubWorks Mobile Pays for Itself

A typical PubWorks Mobile user can expect to save at least 15 minutes per day by doing “paper work” as it happens with PubWorks Mobile instead of waiting for the end of the day to perform these duties.

15 minutes per day x 200 work days = 50 hours per year.

At $25/hour with fringes, this is a savings of $1250 per employee per year.

With 10 field employees this is a savings of $12,500 per year.

Additional Benefits of PubWorks Mobile:

Service Requests

  • Real time Service Requests.
  • Map, sort, filter, add, edit – all the capabilities needed to manage Service Requests in the field.
  • Supervisors can assess a request and quickly re-assign it to the appropriate person or crew.
  • Service Requests created in the field are immediately routed to the assignee.
  • Near instant communication of citizens complaints to the field staff when paired with our Citizen Engagement app.
  • Add photos while on site.


  • Comprehensive Asset inventory.
  • Add photos while on site.
  • Add new assets with GIS information when in the field.
  • Update any asset with new attribute information in the field.
  • Real time Asset Attribute updates between Desktop and Mobile.
  • Asset Work and Service Request histories in the field.
  • Conduct custom, asset-specific Inspections.


  • Maps of Service Requests and Assets WITHOUT an ESRI license.
  • Ability to move Assets to proper locations.
  • Add Assets of any type (point, line, polygon), as you stand there.
  • Capture Lat/Long for Work records and Service Requests.
  • With many robust mapping capabilities, you have GIS in the palm of you hand.


  • Reduce time office staff spends relaying problems to the field.
  • Reduce time field staff spends in the office.
  • Speed up communication between the office and the field.
  • Improved accuracy in logging work – reduce transcription errors.
  • Ability to work offline – no expensive per-device data plan required.
  • Easy-to-use for field crews and powerful enough for supervisors.
  • Digital Inspections – no more stack of papers in some file some where.
  • User-friendly Inspections allow you to perform inspections in the field.
  • Document reduction by using PubWorks Mobile for Inspections, Service Requests and Work – go 100% digital.
  • Enter work directly into PubWorks Mobile – as it happens; once approved by a supervisor, your work is automatically inserted into the PubWorks database.