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Hear what our customers have to say about using PubWorks.

PubWorks has been in business for our customers since 1997.  We like to say, “We have a great product that’s easy to use!”  With a 90% Customer Retention Rate, our customers say, “We Agree!”  Below are some testimonials from some of our customers.  Hopefully these will offer you insight as to the type of company and product we have.  Of course we can offer you a list of customers to contact for reference purposes.  To get a list of references sign-up for a demo and ask for them.

“We have 22 people entering their time cards in the field!  Before using PubWorks mobile getting service requests to our guys in the field was a hassle, some of them never come into the office.  Now we’re using PubWorks Mobile getting those service requests out to them in the field is so much better.”

Audrea Martens, Pottawatomie County, KS

“Cost accounting is the reason we picked PubWorks.  Being able to see how much an asset is costing us, where it is and then being able to create reports and annual budgets from that information is amazing!”

Cory Lauber, Safety/Stormwater Coordinator, City of Tybee Island, GA

“PubWorks has so many great features, including a Fleet Maintenance module. I like that it’s all one system.”

Michael Grossman, Evesham Township, NJ

“We needed to do better record keeping.  PubWorks was the biggest bang for the buck!”

Andy Jordan, County of Upshure, TX

“I feel like PubWorks is tailor made for us.  It was everything we were looking for in software for our department.”

Michael McCaughey, City of Woodbury, NJ

“We needed a proven system to be implemented quickly.  We also wanted a robust but easy to use system that we could grow in scale with time.  We picked PubWorks.”

Bob Kiley, Town of Irondequoit, NY

“It’s the right level of sophistication.  We wanted to keep it simple and not bog down the crew, just capture the right amount of information. It’s not too big and too robust.  That’s why we picked PubWorks.”

Mark Johnston, Town of Breckenridge, CO

“I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had today with our upgrade.  Bill Jackson made the process easy and efficient.  We had one small glitch and he got right back with us to fix the issue.  Your technical support is great!”

Julie Blok, CPA, City of Walker, MI

“I have a crew of guys recording their work on work orders, I like that PubWorks lets me have the final approval on all their work.”

John Diamanti, Burlington Township, NJ

“PubWorks is street forward utilitarian.”

Tim Watkins, City of Des Plaines, IL

“I just wanted to thank you for sending Tyler to work with the Fleet Department.  I feel that our team really benefited from the additional training on a personal level.  I  believe that our staff members feel 100% more comfortable with the system.  He took the time to work with them individually and as a group.  Tyler covered everything possible in the Fleet side of the system.”

Tina Varda, City of Peoria, IL

“When we were looking for software, no one understood government and payroll with the different Labor Types, like PubWorks. It is software for government operations like ours. Nothing else out there is geared for public works like PubWorks.”

Laurie VanDyke, Peoria County, IL
“The customer support is great, you can get their help by simply visiting the support feature on the PubWorks desktop, you get a call within an hour and it’s someone there to help you. The training was a huge benefit, both to help employees use PubWorks and for computer-illiterate employees in general. Now I get emails from guys who I never got emails from before. Now they know how to use Outlook.”
Adam Boeche, Village of Mundelein, IL
“PubWorks is everything I needed and more. PubWorks worked with me to find out just what I needed. They were able to transfer all my data from our old MSDS program to PubWorks easily. Support is excellent, literally a phone call away.

I couldn’t be happier, I am still finding things I can do with the software that will make our cost tracking a piece of cake; so many options and ways to do things.”

Candy Kenner , Musselshell County, MT
“PubWorks has been a lifesaver for me. When I started my job at Stillwater County we were in the middle of a big flood FEMA event. Our guys had been doing emergency repair work on a lot of county roads. If not for the ease of data entry and the support from PubWorks I don’t know what I would have done. My FEMA liaison was extremely impressed by the reports that are generated at the push of a button.”
Cath Nelson, Stillwater County, MT
“In 2011 we didn’t have PubWorks and dealing with FEMA was a nightmare. Once we started using PubWorks it became easier to satisfy FEMA requirements with the records we were able to provide. FEMA was happy to use the documentation and reporting that we produced.“
John Anderson, Fergus County, MT
“Working with PubWorks during the design and implementation stages of the PubWorks project has been great. They have an extremely qualified team of professionals who not only understand the details of precinct operations, but also how to support the software they sell.”
Joey Trungale , DeWitt County, TX

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“The software is as advertised, easy to use, very comprehensive, and captures an incredible amount of information for use. Your support staff has provided outstanding service and are always available when needed.”
Douglas P. Baker, Beauford County, SC
“Just want to let you know that your support department is awesome and they are always here when I need them. Within minutes from my email I am getting a phone call to help me out with my problems. I totally love this program. Thanks for making my life and job easier!”
Pamela Harris , Taylor County, GA
“Our work crew manager tells us what the project is for the day. Our workers only have to tell us where they were, what equipment they are in, and what they are doing. We made it real simple for them.”
Colleen Robbins, Bannock County, ID
“Your company and staff are an asset to me and Washakie County as a whole. We rely heavily on your program for hours tracking, budget projections and equipment maintenance. Your program is definitely worth its value to us in Washakie County. I look forward to the future with you and PubWorks.”
Randy Chenoweth, Washakie County, WY
“At the end of each day, the crew foreman gives us a job report for his entire crew: what they did, equipment used, materials used, anything like that. So we enter it by the whole crew, not separated by employee… It’s faster that way.”
Lauren Coley, City of Mountain Home, AR
“PubWorks allows us to be completely transparent and accountable to the taxpayers of Edgar County, because we can justify, demonstrate and illustrate everything we’re doing, where we’re going and how the dollars are being spent.”
Shannon Quinn, Edgar County, IL
“PubWorks’ MapViewer has streamlined our daily operations. With map-based job assignments, crews are cutting time and fuel costs by logistically organizing their daily tasks… amazing!”
Adrianne Bell, Miami Township, OH
“Now we are creating histories for when calls come in, and when work orders are fulfilled. This helps us keep track of our employees, as well as flagging frequent problems at the same address. It also helps us with tracking reports, so we can say what it costs to do snow removal, or patch repair, or a particular project such as a bridge replacement.”
Scott Bressler, Butler County, OH
“PubWorks is one of the greatest tools we purchased for Road & Bridge. Because of our cost accounting capabilities in PubWorks, we are able to pinpoint and keep better track of our actual costs.”
Patrick Sullivan, Rio Grande County, CO