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Advance Your Career With PubWorks

Working with PubWorks means collaborating with like-minded people that get excited by helping other people succeed.  PubWorks is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive pay with an unbeatable work location.

At PubWorks, we are always on the lookout for highly skilled, energetic and friendly people to join our team.  If you have strong technical skills and experience with either the software business and/or local government, please consider a career with us. Send your resume to:

Current Openings:

Implementation/Customer Support
Implementation, training and customer support. Hands-on, can-do attitude, curious and self-reliant. 

While implementations and customer service will be your primary focus, you will be asked to contribute to many areas of our business. We need a very strong technical representative, one who can handle data, SQL Server, MS Windows and GIS. We need your ideas and energy directed, as a self- starter, in ways that can make our processes better, our customers happier, our employees more satisfied and productive and our business more successful. 

Profit sharing: TBD/variable
Status: Full Time.
Expenses: Telephone (50%), internet (50%), travel paid/supplied by TSC.
Hardware/software: Paid/supplied by TSC.
Start date: ASAP.
Travel: Initially very little but once up to speed, approximately one week per month.
Hours: Flexible business hours.
Holidays: All federal plus the Friday after Thanksgiving.
Time off: Three weeks paid.
You report to: Customer Support Manager 

Responsibilities and Duties
You must quickly become a high-expert in the PubWorks  product. 

  • Successful implementation of new PubWorks installations and user training. Customer implementations require mastering data migration, software and database setup, training and other related tasks.
  • Master PubWorks. Keep it up to date on your systems, understand how and why customers use it.
    • Quickly gain a high level of SQL Server and MapViewer proficiency.
    • Diligent use of Zoho CRM to maintain accurate and complete data on our customers and customer dealings.
    • Learn our industry, market niche and competition.
    • Reactive and proactive customer communications.
    • Delivery of solutions to customer issues/problems.
    • Strengthening the relationship customers have with TSC.
    • Proactively communicate with fellow staff and customers.
    • Play a contributing role in group meetings, trade shows, product demonstrations, etc. 

Assist, manage and perform customer software implementations, database creation, data migrations and data conversions. 

Excellent training materials/programs (an important corporate asset) will serve our customers and TSC very well in both the near and long term. 

  • Help develop training materials in traditional and web media formats.
    • Help develop training programs for classroom and self-study applications.
    • Conduct on-site and web-based customer training, when ready and when needed. 

Demand Maintenance
Traditional help-desk duties but using each call-in to gather information and improve our relationship with the customer. 

  • Answering customer phone calls and emails promptly.
    • Helping customers resolve problems.
    • Reporting detailed information to the programming staff for problems you cannot resolve.
    • Staying with a problem until the solution is delivered.
    • Installing software and report updates.
    • Document, in real time, all goings-on. 

Marketing and Sales Support
As the eyes and ears of the company, you will provide market intelligence to sales and marketing. This can take many forms (anecdotes, testimonials, etc.) and work its way directly and indirectly into our newsletter, brochures, etc. Other tasks may be asked of you as needed including trade show attendance. 

Areas of Focus and Learning 

  • PubWorks all modules and functions with a focus on the MapViewer and PubWorks Mobile
  • MS SQL Server
  • Training assignments (web and on site)
    • User documentation (written and video)
  • User forum, newsletter and website contributions

To quickly gain proficiency in PubWorks MapViewer and SQL Server, TSC encourages engagement in external training courses and will pay for these courses as needed. 

Job Type: Full-time 

Pay: Based on experience