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Point of Service for Mechanic Time

By employing the Point of Service option in PubWorks Fleet, you can more precisely track mechanic time for all classes of work they perform.

Mechanics can clock-on to a work order when they start working on a vehicle or piece of equipment and then, once they are done (either complete or partially) they can clock off. PubWorks will measure the mechanics time on the work order down to the minute.

Mechanic time not spent of Fleet Work Orders can be recorded via our Fleet Activity screen so as to capture time spent in meetings, trainings, breaks, etc.

Mechanics can use PubWorks to monitor and update the Work Orders to which they have been assigned and run reports to assure that all of their time is accounted for.

Supervisor can maintain a wider view of mechanic activity to be sure work is being accomplished and mechanic time is appropriate being expended.