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PubWorks is a flexible software solution

Easy, Powerful and Fast.

A proven, well-established accomplishment tracking system that provides the best in job costing, reporting and analysis.

PubWorks was introduced in 1997, as a road and bridge cost accounting system. Its original mission was to capture data about worked performed on a road network and produce management and decision making information based on actual accomplishments.

Over the past decade, PubWorks has been enhanced to cover more work scenarios and include a greater variety of reports and analyses while maintaining the highest degree of ease-of-use.

PubWorks has been customized specifically for the US Forest Service. PubWorks is well-suited for use at small and large Forest Service offices alike because it is easy to install, set up, operate and maintain. Users are trained very quickly and require no special computer skills.

PubWorks is currently in use in over 200 cities and counties in the US and Canada. Many county customers are adjacent to Forests and these counties use PubWorks to record work accomplishment data about the roads they maintain – some of which are Forest Service roads. In short, PubWorks is a proven product that has been optimized to insure fast, accurate and reliable data entry.

With PubWorks, the Forest Service goal of being good stewards of our nation’s resources will be furthered. Since work accomplishments are updated daily or weekly, data availability and integrity is improved providing local managers with a real-time ability to adjust, measure, analyze, respond and report.

PubWorks possesses hundreds of reports allowing analysis of data in many different ways while requiring no special technical knowledge. Creating the PAR, RAR or A76 Project Summary reports will be just a few mouse clicks away. By using PubWorks for reporting and data analysis, you will be certain to get consistent answers to questions, thanks to standardized data entry and reporting processes.

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