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Citizen Service Requests

Public Works is all about service and a large part of that service is fielding and responding to citizen service requests.

These calls for demand maintenance can come from a variety of sources - email, phone or your website.

PubWorks covers all bases. Our Service Request module is a powerful client/server application that seamlessly integrates with all other PubWorks products (GIS MapViewer, Job Costing and Work Orders). It helps you record, track and remedy the problems your citizens brings to your attention.

Web Enabled

But you can go further!  Our Service Request module has an online extension allowing for direct integration to your city or county website. This means that when a citizen enters a service request online, it'll be instantly inserted into your PubWorks system and the responsible parties will receive alerts as to the presence of a new service request.

Web Enabled Plus

Your website was designed by CivicPlus you say? We have that base covered too. The PubWorks CivicPlus Request Tracker (tm) interface gives you the power to retrieve and insert service requests securely and selectively and all with just two mouse clicks!