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Building / Facility Maintenance

PubWorks can be used to manage a wide variety of assets - buildings and facilities included.

A hierarchy of assets can be easily created in a way that is natural, traditional and in accord with your operation. The hierarchy can take advantage of the fact any class of asset can be modeled and then placed in the hierarchy where you needed them.

Add to this that each asset class can be setup with its own set of over 60 custom attributes so you can very precisely the assets you manage.

As an example:  A building can be established as a master location, the floor of the building as child locations and then location features for things like lavatories, HVAC and other key items.

Now that your inventory is created, asset-task-plans will help you establish the needed PM items to keep on top of scheduled maintenance and Work Orders  will allow you to document work with ease and flexibility and in a way to automatically feeds/resets your PM schedule.

Add to this that you can link any kind of document/file to any asset in your facilities hierarchy and that these features integrate seamlessly with other PubWorks modules (GIS MapViewer, Service Requests, and Work Orders,) and you'll realize a comprehensive building and facilities maintenance solution.